XDCC server for irssi.

Run a fileserver. People can request DCC sends over CTCP. Trusted users can also upload files.



/XDCC [-add filename description] [-del id] [-info id] [-list] [-stats]
     [-enable] [-disable] [-trust #channel] [-distrust #channel] [-help]

-add:      Add a file to our XDCC server
-del:      Remove a file from the offerings
-info:     Show information about a file
-list:     Display the XDCC list (default)
-reset:    Reset the file list and the queue
-stats:    Statistics for this session
-enable:   Enable the XDCC server
-disable:  Disable the XDCC server
-trust:    Trust users from #channel to upload files
-distrust: Stop trusting users on #channel
-help:     Display this help.

/xdcc -add sally.gif Jollo in his native habitat :)
/xdcc -add jollo.mp3 Distant cry of the Jollo, 5:43 am
/xdcc -del 1
/xdcc -stats
/xdcc -trust #sally

CTCP XDCC Interface

People can request files from you using these CTCP commands:

/ctcp nick XDCC list
/ctcp nick XDCC get 1
/ctcp nick XDCC batch 2-4       # request multiple files
/ctcp nick XDCC remove 3        # remove from queue
/ctcp nick XDCC cancel          # cancel file transfer
/ctcp nick XDCC queue
/ctcp nick XDCC info 1
/ctcp nick XDCC stats
/ctcp nick XDCC help
/ctcp nick XDCC about

Uploading Files

If you are opped on a trusted channel, you can upload files via DCC -- /dcc send nick filename -- and also modify the XDCC offerings using these commands:
/ctcp nick XDCC describe 1 blablabla    # change a file description
/ctcp nick XDCC delete 1                # stop offering a file


Tips & Tricks


xdcc.pl is distributed under the terms of the Jollo LNT license.


Greetings to all on #sally and thanks as always to Khaled Mardam-Bey for inventing mIRCScript

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