(Andrew Sallop Fenlon)

Developer, Artist, Linux Enthusiast, Musician, Dude



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Main Creative Projects:

Endless Strings

An album of computer-generated classical music, several months long.

Command-line Paintings

Paintings made from imagery generated by the command-line based, image creation software I wrote


An online image editing suite

Photoblaster Gallery

A gallery of millions of images and gifs made by users of photoblaster

Songshark Development Tools

A toolkit for automatic songwriting and MIDI rendering

Live Code at the Lash/

Concerts where I improvise music live with code


A chat site for sharing videos and mp3s

Beat Poem Generator

An acrostic beat poem generator, once featured on the front page of Reddit!! :^O

Other things of interest:


Some pixel shaders I have written in GLSL that I like

Lilypond transcriptions

Transcriptions and midi renders of music that I wrote